Change your mindset or stay single

Single woman

(By Debbie Harrower)

I know where you’re at

If you’ve clicked on this article, you’re more than likely single. Maybe you’re in the dating scene, maybe not, but ultimately, you’re seriously wanting to meet a nice, decent guy.

Maybe you’re the woman who has been in and out of a few really stinky relationships and you’re now at the stage where you think there are simply no decent men around, that they are all the same and that you’re doomed to be single forever. No marriage,  no children – just 2 dogs and a cat! Oh the drama! 

I am definitely no relationship expert, but I’ve been at every stage that I have just mentioned. I have been down in the deepest of dumps. Lied to, cheated on, humiliated – all (repeat) chapters in my little book of life.

I was even considering sperm donation at one stage. That is how convinced I was that I was NEVER going to find a normal, wonderful man with whom to share my life.

I blame this stage on over-thinking, being 30 and conducting far too many searches on Google about female fertility. My thoughts were like a steam train: Turning 35 was only five years away. At 35 your fertility drops dramatically. I only have five fertile years left!  I still have to meet someone, fall in love, get engaged and get married. What if this…? What if that…?

It was mentally exhausting! 

Some women get very faulty in their thirties if they’re still single, with no man in sight and their biological clock is in overdrive. I was 100 per cent one of ‘those women’.

So – how did I get myself out of this pity party for one and into a great, healthy relationship? 


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