The one shoe trend that’s tough to swallow (and wear)

When it comes to fashion, I’ve learned to accept the different, the daring and the downright bizarre trends that crop up every now and then. After all, isn’t that what makes this world so enticing – that we can individually use our personal sense of style to relay a unique expression of ourselves?

One thing’s for sure though, this Montreal-based couple are here to challenge the norm with their eerie and strange interpretations of fashion. Their goal is to encourage people to “let go of the codes of normality and embrace freedom instead.”

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Still just an alien couple out and about

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Hannah Rose Dalton (22) and Steven Raj Bhaskaran (24) started their Instagram account, @matieresfecales, in 2016 with the intention of promoting critical thinking and challenging every day ideas. And with a handle that directly translates to Fecal Matter in English, everything about them challenges the norm.

The duo have a depop shop where they sell provocative, alternative pieces but they recently also came up with a life-like shoe design which they hope to start selling soon. And in case you’re wondering how exactly these shoes function, they’re currently made out of prosthetics and involve heavy tiptoeing.

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I can help you get out of the Matrix

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There’s no denying that their looks (which they insist isn’t simply a costume but an expression of their truest selves) often evoke an emotion from people at first glance. More often than not, the emotion is negative often driven by fear of something that is so different from what we are used to. Sometimes, it’s fascination and awe.

And although I won’t be buying their shoes anytime soon and would very well have a heart attack if I run into them in a dark alley, I can’t deny that there’s something beautiful and bold in challenging the every day ideas.

That being said, you’ll still catch me in my denim jeans and converse though.

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