Azealia Banks declares she’s the most influential female rapper

Azealia Banks believes she is the “most influential female rapper” since Nicki Minaj.

The ‘212’ hitmaker took to Instagram over the weekend to declare herself a trailblazer for the generation after the ‘Anaconda’ star, and despite admitting she isn’t “the most popular”, she claims she has the ability to “pressure” people into liking her songs.

The outspoken star believes that many women copy her style from 2011 and that her music has had a huge “impact” on rap culture, even going as far as to say the artists that inspired her growing up are influenced by her work.

In a lengthy post, she spilled: “I am definitely the most influential female rapper post nicki Minaj. I may not be the most popular .. but definitely the most influential. My words are powerful, when I speak the people ALWAYS react. I have a way of putting pressure on people to create the art world I want to live in. I see loads of girls running around with my 2011 aesthetic and whether they credit me or not… I can 100% see the impact I’ve had on female rap culture. It makes me know that I’m not, and was never crazy. I’m happy to contribute to the arts in whatever way I can. Even if people don’t give me the credit… I can see how my influence has inspired so many of the artists I looked up to as a child and so many artists that came after me. That to me is the truest success. When I see new girls come up wearing the looks I wore and adopting my themes I feel validated. Like I’m doing the job god put me on earth to do. (sic)”

Azealia was responding to a fan who wrote: “People can say you’re ‘irrelevant’ but you been making headlines for 7 years straight. Also you’re the most influential female rapper of the ‘new generation’ (post Nicki). (sic)”

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