Singer Ciara’s historic Pandora Shine campaign

Singer Ciara has been announced as the face of the new Pandora Shine jewellery collection, and she said she feels ‘honoured’ to be ‘making history’ with the brand.

The 32-year-old singer features in the new adverts, which show her singing ‘Let It Shine’, whilst sporting some of the new 18-karat gold-plated silver products – the first jewellery collection of its type created by Pandora since the company’s inception in 1982 – and she admits she “feels a part of history” by collaborating with the brand she’s been a fan of when she was growing up.

Speaking to PeopleStyle, she said: “I feel like I am a part of history right now because it is the first time Pandora has done this type of collection. I’ve been a huge fan of the brand for years, since I was growing up. For me, I felt honoured that they chose me.”

The Grammy Award-winning artist – who is also the face of make-up brand Revlon – said her favourite item from the collection was the honeycomb choker, which she wore in the campaign photos.

She said: “In the campaign photo, I wore two together. I like stacking them. With this choker, you can mix anything with it and it looks good.”

And the mother-of-two said it’s important for her to have sentimental jewellery to remind her of her husband, NFL player Russell Wilson and their two children, son Future, 3, and daughter Sienna, 10 months.

Speaking about her own important pieces of jewellery, Ciara explained: “I actually have a few [sentimental pieces]. I would say my engagement ring and my bands obviously are really special for many reasons. Becoming one with someone, it doesn’t get any more special and sweeter than that.

“I also have these dog tags I got for myself and one for my husband with our kids’ birth dates on them. I got it for him in celebration of Father’s Day and of course I wanted to match, so I got them made for all of us. Future will not wear his, but I think eventually he will want to. I take Sienna’s and wrap it around my wrist like a bracelet sometimes.”

And Ciara has said that starring in Pandora’s campaign made her want to ask her mother for some jewellery from her personal collection which she can pass on to her kids in the future.

She said: “I actually don’t have any jewellery pieces from my mom! I was thinking about that. But I think now being a part of this collection, it is kind of inspiring me to say like, ‘Uh, what do you have in your closet that I can take?’ ”


SOURCE: Bang ShowBiz

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