Here is the one app we should all download this year: Elbi

If words like purpose, impact and legacy have been weighing heavy on your mind lately, then this app might just be your saving grace.

Elbi, rated 4 out of 5 in the app store, is a mobile app that allows anyone from any part of the world to contribute to causes that resonate deep with them. Their mission is to “democratise philanthropy so with a tap of a button together [you] can make a huge difference to causes [you] care about.”

In a world where your groceries, soul-mate and million dollar investments can be obtained through the touch of a button, it was only a matter of time before meaningful, selfless acts and contributions were as easy as tapping a button on your mobile phone.T

To make it even more exciting to partake in, the creators ensured that every donation made to a charity will earn you LoveCoins which you can then use in the Elbi LoveShop. This shop includes handpicked items from high street (e.g. H&M) and luxury brands (e.g. Dior) alike.

To date, over 80, 000 good deeds have been completed through 1,900 campaigns donated to 50+ charities.

Some of the causes currently on the app will help:

  1. Save elephants by supporting new anti-poaching methods (African Savannah)
  2. Improve school attendance rates for girs in DR Congo
  3. Keep girls in school by giving them a dignified period (India)

This app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Happy donating!

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