Are you his “Dream Woman”? Here are 4 ways you’ll know

You’ve been dating for a while, and you totally dig him. He may even be the one. But, does he feel the same way about you? Does he see you as his “Dream Woman”?

Did you know that there are four completely irresistible traits men look for in the woman they want to spend “forever” with?

According to relationship specialist Matthew Hussey, what men want actually goes much deeper than you’d expect. He explains that you don’t need to be all of these four traits at the same time. The key is to be the right amount of each at the appropriate time. And if a man sees that, over the course of a day or a week, you can be all of these different parts of you, he sees a multi-faceted woman that he never will want to let go.

Here’s Matthew Hussey‘s list of the four irresistible traits that will make you his Dream Woman.



The Top 4 Things Men Want in Their Dream Woman

Irresistible Trait #1

Playfulness is one of the most attractive traits, because life is hard enough without being with someone who is serious all the time. A woman who can be a bit light and fun and, dare I say, goofy, is a woman who makes the world a little more pleasant to be in.

Irresistible Trait #2

You don’t have to be overtly sexual to be sexy. Sexy means somebody who shows her sexual side. You can do this in a number of ways: moving in a sexy way, showing a man that you desire him. When you think somebody is hot, when someone’s doing something that’s sexy, that shows your sexy side.


Irresistible Trait #3

The woman who makes you feel both loved and looked after is nurturing. A woman who’s just sort of nice and warm and has that loving energy transmits a nurturing vibe. Everyone wants to be looked after a little bit, don’t they?

Irresistible Trait #4

Independence. This one is kind of counterintuitive. A lot of men might say that, if they were being honest, they wouldn’t want their woman to have too much independence because it scares them.

When you’re independent, men get a bit insecure because they feel like you’re not going to need them anymore. But, the reality is, when you are independent, when you have your own life, your own hobbies, things you enjoy doing, things you enjoy learning about, and you have your own strength of mind, independent of your guy, that’s what keeps him attracted, that’s what keeps his desire level high. It’s also, by the way, what makes him feel like he has a great teammate. Because if you can go away and be strong on your own, when you come back, you can be a better leader for him as well.



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