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  • Lawi003

    ANAW should get a more serious project to do and not lounging at any publicity opportunity.The pigs were used as imagery. Look at the bigger picture. Iam a wildlife conservationist to the core but I support Boniface Mwangi and the group on this. If the Mps continue plundering the national resources at will, soon there will be no money for even those piglets u saw yesterday.

    • George Paul

      I disagree with you.Animal have rights and we need to respect that. We cannot be selective in our agitation for certain rights and considerations and trample others….jamaneni!

      • Lawi003

        I tend to look at the holistic picture.This issue is affecting both pple and animal’s welfare. A poor family wont be able to feed their dog, cat, donkey, piglet etc. and there will be no manna for the piglets by the way. When their masters die, they die too. About 60% Kenyans are living below poverty line and it is getting worse. We have to fix governance and MPs increasing their salary is not one of them. You need to come of out your animal welfare cocoon and defend your country.

  • khasandiphyllice

    sometimes i just pity the police. being called upon to disrupt something which even them themselves,given the opportunity, would willingly engage in. MPigs sorry MPs are greedy. Period. and what best animal to be used to depict this other than the pigs, known for their greedy traits!



  • gedimuhando

    Members of Parliament must apologize to Kenyan citizenry for the mess of pigs at parliament.They have stoked this unto themselves.The pigs were indeed a true reflection of their greedy character.If they have not taken it,then they should expect more pigs at the gates of parliament.
    Those trying to drag in religion should be told we are a secular country.Everyone of us has his/her religion.When MPs break rules of courtesy they do it ‘unreligiously’ and will be treated as such.There should be NO APOLOGY.

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