How to introduce your partner to the people in your life

meeting the parents

1. Introduce the one you love to your parents. That is your role, your partner cannot introduce himself/herself. This shows you take pride in your lovelife and you two are serious about each other.

2. If you two are married, don’t introduce your spouse by the parental role but by the marital role. Don’t say this is “Baba Ndonye” or “Mama Aviv” or “Mama wa kwangu”; instead, say “This is my wife/husband”. It is important to affirm each other as husband and wife even when the child/children come. Your first position to each other is husband and wife, out of that position comes children.

3. When introducing your partner to someone/people and you two are standing next to each other, give physical contact. Man, hold her by her waist; woman hold his arm or touch his back. It demonstrates ownership and closeness.

4. When you are about to give a speech in public and your partner is present; acknowledge your partner’s presence. Let your partner wave or do something. Even if your partner is shy, this goes a long way to showing unity and public confidence in your love.

5. If you are a single parent and you are falling in love; properly introduce the one you love to your child/children with love and warmth. Let your child/children you love that person. Your child/children will treat the one you love depending on the nature of the introduction.

6. Whenever someone makes a move on you face to face or via chat and you are taken/married, introduce your partner in the conversation even when not asked if you are taken/married. Let that person know you have a man/woman/husband/wife.

7. When introducing your partner to your friends, add some colour and sugar. Say something like “This is my man, my King. The one who treats me so well” or “This is my wife, Mrs. ______. The Queen of my castle” This makes your partner feel loved and appreciated. Learn to brag a little about the one you love.

How much value you place on your relationship/marriage, is seen by how you two introduce each other to people.

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