10 Things Men Want to Hear From Their Woman



1. “I love you”

Yes, men like to act like they are not mushy, but silently, they love mushy stuff. Though saying “I love you” is beyond mushy. It’s something special said to a special man affirming his position. He may not say “I love you” as often, but if he loves you, he will love hearing you say it.

2. “What’s your dream?”

Men may act proud and not in need of help. But peel off that layer of pride using love and you find a man who needs a woman. God created men to need a helper in the form of a partner/spouse. A man feels safe when loved by a woman who brings order, organization and challenge in his life. A woman who can ask him where is he going and go there with him as his dreams become her dreams and her dreams become his dreams. Besides a successful and happy man is a reliable woman who cared to find out who he is.


3. “Make love to me”

It is perceived to be the man’s role to initiate sex and intimacy. But a man loves it when occasionally his woman brings the fire on. It’s a turn on when sometimes the woman seduces the man, kisses the man first, creates a sexual experience and says when she wants it; she will gerrit.

4. “I trust you”

When a man knows he has the trust of his woman he opens up more. When he knows he is covered by his woman he will go to any war for her.

5. “I admire you. No other man is like you”

In a world that bashes men too much, a man gets a morale booster when his woman praises him. Yes, there are many good and great men in the world, but a man wants to know in his woman’s eyes and world, he is the greatest. Men are combative in nature, every day is like a war, when a woman praises and speaks life to her man in private and in public, she gives him more confidence to go to war.

6. “That was great sex”

If he made love to you good, tell him. Tell him of the great things he did. Kiss and tell, but don’t tell others, tell him. A man wants to feel he is a skillful sexual lover, it is tied to his ego. If there are areas you wish him to improve or try, request in love. Empower him, help him to serve you, make him your sex machine, your sex bomb.


7. “I forgive you”

Of course two people in love are bound to offend and hurt each other. When he tries to apologize to you for his wrongs, be approachable, don’t shut him out and hide. Forgive him and close that chapter, don’t keep bringing up his past wrongs. When you do wrong, say sorry too.

8. “Can we pray?”

A man, whether he believes in God or not respects prayer. The ideal situation is the man leading the family, the relationship/marriage in prayer. But prayer is not the role of the man alone. A man feels good when he can be sheltered sometimes and she takes a complimentary leading role. He feels good when he has a spiritual woman, one who is more than a pretty face with smart brains. Prayer shows a woman submitted to God, thus submitted to love.

9. “How was your day?”

Many women make everything about them. They yap and yap about themselves and want their man to ask and listen about how their day was without finding out how their man is or how his day was. When a man is asked how his day was he may be very sketchy about his details in the first days, but ask him that over time and soon he will give more. Men want a listening partner too, they want someone they can confide in, relax and unwind with.



10. “I think you are wrong”

Men may be full of ego but they don’t hate correction, what they are concerned about is how they are corrected. When a man errs, he wants his woman to confront him but with love. Not in a harsh way, downsizing him, shaming him in public, insulting him and nagging him. Correct him in private, give your opinion and solution, don’t force it on him. Your feminine love and warmth will win him over. It shows you care for him and want to build him. Men are attracted to a woman who is a builder.

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