Wedding planning: Don’t forget these small things


In the 12 months that you set aside to plan your wedding, so much happens and you have interaction with so many people, that it’s easy to forget, at some point, to say thank you and to show you care about what others are doing to help you create a beautiful memorable wedding day

Here are a few things that you can do throughout your preparations …

Keep a journal

This is a journal over and above one that you record your innermost feelings on a daily basis.

Rather, we’re suggesting that you jot down things that you want to remember in terms of your ‘planning highs’.  Say for instance on the day you chose your dress, who was with you, what was their input, how helpful were the assistants in the bridal gown shop.

You can also use this journal to store little momentos along the way such as the bridal shop business card, receipt from your amazing breakfast that you had on the day with those who helped you make your wonderful choice.

The great thing about keeping this journal is that when all festivities are over and you’re back from your honeymoon, you can flip through the pages and know exactly who you need to send personal thank yous to.

Spend quality time with your bridal party

Making your bridesmaids, maid of honour and best men feel like they are part of the whole process will create a whole lot of amazing memories for you. Take them to lunch to show how much you care. The women can all do beauty preps beforehand together such as getting nails, facials and the like done.

Exchange letters on your wedding day

What a beautiful way to say I love you and thank you for becoming my life-long partner.

Your videographer could be there to film you writing your letter and reading it out loud. This can then be included in your video adding another emotional touch to your final wedding video where you can share your personal love story.

Wipe away tears of joy

Personalised handkerchiefs add a soft and personal touch and can be given to both moms on your wedding day. Have these embroidered with a special message from bride to mom-in-law and groom to mom-in-law or a combined message from both of you to both of them.


Honour parents and grandparents on your special day

Including a photo of your parents in your bouquet or a special message that you can ask the marriage officer / priest to read during the ceremony can make your wedding day so special.

Don’t forget to say thank you to them for bringing you to this point in your life – for teaching you great family values, honour and respect for each other.

You can also give them all one last hug before you say your vows (if you do this, you will have no choice but to ensure they get their personalised handkerchiefs!).

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