Why Looking Back in a Relationship is Important


Looking back

Go through the old conversations you made with your spouse/partner. It will open your eyes on many things:-

1. It will show you and remind you how far you two have come.

2. In introspect, you will learn what kind of spouse/partner you are. Are you on the wrong? Do you treat your spouse/partner well? Have you changed for the worse?

3. It will reveal to you if warmth has left your relationship/marriage. It will reveal if the conversations have become boring, dull, lacking in sweetness so that you can correct it. Are your conversations today brief and cold compared with the long, sugar-coated conversations of the past? Do you two talk less? Do you these days talk at each other, ordering each other around instead of talking with each other?

4. It will reveal to you when God left your conversations; when you two stopped praying, when you two stopped involving God in your love talks.

5. It will reveal to you when sex became all you talked about. When did everything revolve around sex? Flirting with your spouse/partner is good and healthy, but no relationship or marriage can survive on sex alone. Did you two stop discovering each other and got stuck on what is between the legs?

6. It will remind you why you love your spouse/partner. Sometimes we forget how great a love we have, how much you have been through with the one you love. The couple that you used to be can teach the couple that you now are.

7. It will inform you whether you two are on the right track and encourage you to continue. But if you two have lost your way as a couple, you can get back on track.

The good thing about technology and smart phones is that a record of our private conversations are kept. Take time to go back. Go back to the messages you exchanged with your spouse/partner on texts, Facebook, Whatsapp, BBM, Twitter, mail and assess where your marriage/relationship is. Communication is the backbone of any marriage/relationship. Save your love life from reaching that place you say “WE USED TO BE A LOVELY COUPLE. I MISS US!”

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