Each Relationship/Marriage Deserves True Friends


A true friend…

1. Will be happy that you have found love and not try to impose you to love someone they think is best for you.

2. Will love to see your relationship/marriage work.

3. Will not hit on, flirt with or have an affair with the one you love.

4. Will pray for your relationship/marriage.

5. Will volunteer to take care of your child/children sometimes so that you and your spouse can have some free time to go out on a date.

6. Will share with you tips, articles and books they think will help better your relationship/marriage.

7. Will intervene and act as a mediator when you and your partner/spouse seem to be pulling apart.

8. Will tell you to go home to your wife/husband when you’re spending too much time at the club/bar/with friends.


9. Will not derail you or steal your time and focus when your spouse and children need you. Family comes first.

10. Will not encourage you to cheat on your partner/spouse.

11. Will not incite you into a domestic war with your spouse.

12. Will not give you bad advise that might jeopardize your relationship/marriage.

13. Will not encourage you to give up on your marriage unless your life is in danger and the damage is irreversible.

14. Will scheme with your partner/spouse ways to throw surprise parties and events for you.

15. Will protect your relationship/marriage from public attack.

16. Will keep your secrets and not disclose the confidential issues you share regarding your relationship/marriage.

17. Will rebuke you, correct you and call out your wrong when you are the one messing up your relationship/marriage.

18. Will tell you to stop taking life too seriously when you worry about passing storms in your relationship/marriage.

19. Will be there when your and your partner/spouse need him/her.

20. Will walk with you as your relationship/marriage grows, your support system.

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