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  • Emuron Apei

    The ICC has become more of a political court than it should.The fact that whenever anything is said in reference to the Kenyan case, the prosecotor is quick to give back an answer! political style. More so it seems like there are scores to settle from OTP directed towards the Kenyans despite the fact that there lacks credible evidence against the accused and that is the reason as to why charges against them are being changed or re-written by the prosecutor.This makes it more of an injust court than a just one.

    • The moment we stop playing funny tricks with ICC the better. And if Ruto, the deputy president, didnt know our representive in UN was making appeals on his behalf, who was really behind it? I thought president Uhuru Kenyatta is ever with Hon. Ruto! Are we repeating the same same blunders committed by retired president Kibaki on ICC matters? Once ICC realizes that we are prepared to go to any length to circumvent it, things would take a dangerous turn for the accused. Prosecutor has been reading mischief on our part. We are the ones who have been making wrong moves. And ICC prosecutor has only precisely responded to whats legally within her jurisdication. Kenyans are the ones who have been playing politics without realizing the sort of dangers being exposed to the accused individuals. Jubilee Alliance was all along seeing ICC on the same mirror as Macharia Kamau. The narrow view was that once elections were done and accused persons win, ICC should lay off. I asserted then crimes could not be cleansed by political victory and that has indeed come to pass!

  • WaKanyi

    All the five security members have offices in Nairobi, so if the government needs their assistance in terminating these cases, all that is needed is to start by convincing the five ambassadors. But how do you convince the British ambassador to be sympathetic when he is treated shabbily due to party politics?. And then Mr. Kamau is providing poor service to the accused. He has poor writing skills and is mixing political and legal reasons in making the case for termination. The SC could intervene for political purposes, but it can not intervene because the case is legaly l weak. In a functioning system, a person in Mr. Kamau’s position would not be allowed to send such a crucial letter without the letter first being reviewed by top government lawyers to make sure that it represents the governments position and is coherent. As it is, the letter presents very muddled thinking!

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