Holding a poo can cause severe problems

A nutritionist believes people should be pooping three times a day.

Jody Middleton has claimed people should be going to the toilet for a number two at least one to three times a day, and those who prefer to wait can cause problems in their bowels.

She told the Metro: “If you are someone who doesn’t like opening their bowels at work or school then this can lead to chronic constipation causing possible health concerns such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, rectal polyps, haemorrhoids and even colon cancer.

“We should never reach the stage where we are straining to open our bowels, it should be a very easy process and we should be having one to three well-formed, non-urgent bowel movements every day to achieve good health.

“To improve constipation the two main dietary changes to make are to drink more water and to eat more fibre in the form of vegetables and a bit of fruit.

“The main take away message is to listen to your body. Just avoiding that morning poo because the timing is inconvenient can cause all sorts of digestive problems.”

Holding on to a poo can also cause rapid heart rate, dehydration, hyperventilation, a fever and confusion as well as constipation which can lead to diarrhoea.

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