#Gadgets: Wake up to the future in a connected smart bedroom


With the “SleepTech” market set to double in 2018, bedrooms are getting a smart makeover thanks to Sleepace, which recently launched its DreamLife smart bedroom solution.

Sleepace sleep modules can be integrated into mattresses, pillows to monitor one’s sleep data and control other smart home devices to create a better environment for a healthy sleep and helps users to wake up feeling refreshed.


How DreamLife Technology Works

The smart bedroom solution starts to work when a person lies down on a smart mattress or pillow, which recognizes when a user falls asleep. Curtains are automatically closed, lights turn off as does the TV and other appliances.

During sleep, the technology monitors the bedroom’s environment and the user’s sleep and adjusts the room temperature and humidity to provide the user with the most conducive environment for sleep.

In the morning, the technology will also recognize the lightest point of sleep, activate the alarm and lights, open curtains and start to brew coffee for the user.

Ultimately, the new technology is looking to tap into the positive impact of good sleep and sleep monitoring, which is expected to become more mainstream with smart mattresses, pillows and other smart home technology in 20% of households by 2025.


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