10 Habits of happy couples (number 10 is a no-brainer!)


(By Carly Spindel)

People forget that the small things make a difference. Here are 10 habits of happy couples …

1. They go to bed at the same time

Remember when you first started dating and you couldn’t wait to cuddle and sleep next to each other? Well, don’t forget that! Going to sleep at the same time is a necessity. When you go to bed together, you’re promoting healthy relationship patterns.

2. They find common interests

It’s important to really enjoy spending time together. He doesn’t need to share your love of reality TV, and you obviously don’t need to understand his adoration for sport, but you should have activities that the two of you look forward to doing as a couple.

Whether it’s picking a new recipe to try every weekend, going for a run, or simply watching The Blacklist, find something fun to do consistently together.

3. They touch

Small gestures like holding hands or putting your arm around each other increases closeness, which is always a factor in the lives of happy couples. When you hold hands, you’re subconsciously reminding yourself that you care about each other.

4. They don’t pointlessly nag

Happy couples emphasize the positive things that their partner does. This means that if something is bothering you, you have a real conversation about it. Nit-picking, nagging, or criticizing are not the way to someone’s heart.

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5. They embrace affection, continuing to kiss each other hello and say “I love you”

Before you leave for work in the morning, give your partner a really great goodbye kiss and say I love you. When you come home from a long day, do it again. Your morning and evening greeting should be something that you look forward to. Once you start kissing and sharing your feelings often, you’ll appreciate each other more.

People forget that the small things make a difference. When you begin your day with a loving gesture, you’re starting on a great note.


6. They maintain the intimacy

Nothing beats the I-can’t-keep-my-hands-off-you-and-am-so-obsessed-with-you honeymoon phase. It’s so amazing when the only thing you can focus on is your partner and you want to spend every single second together. But, eventually the honeymoon phase is over. Just because it ended, the passion doesn’t have to also disappear.

Happy couples work to keep intimacy and romance alive in the relationship.

7. They go out together

Having a date night is essential. Just like when you first started dating, you have to be woo-ed. Take turns courting each other and planning the entire night. Date night encourages you to keep the spark alive. As silly as it sounds, getting dressed up and going out, just the two of you, keeps the excitement strong.

8. They genuinely enjoy each other’s company

When you enjoy each other’s company, your relationship flourishes. Your significant other is someone you can talk to about anything, anywhere, anytime – so make sure you take advantage of that. When you have a bad day, simply seeing your partner makes everything better.

9. They break routines

Your relationship shouldn’t feel like a routine. Your life as a couple should be unpredictable. You should embrace spontaneity and surprise each other with fun new activities.

10. They put their phones away

When you’re together, you should focus entirely on each other. Devote 100% of your attention to your partner. Take a break from technology. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can all wait until the morning.

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