10 Habits of happy couples (number 10 is a no-brainer!)



(By Carly Spindel)

People forget that the small things make a difference. Here are 10 habits of happy couples …

1. They go to bed at the same time

Remember when you first started dating and you couldn’t wait to cuddle and sleep next to each other? Well, don’t forget that! Going to sleep at the same time is a necessity. When you go to bed together, you’re promoting healthy relationship patterns.

2. They find common interests

It’s important to really enjoy spending time together. He doesn’t need to share your love of reality TV, and you obviously don’t need to understand his adoration for sport, but you should have activities that the two of you look forward to doing as a couple.

Whether it’s picking a new recipe to try every weekend, going for a run, or simply watching The Blacklist, find something fun to do consistently together.

3. They touch

Small gestures like holding hands or putting your arm around each other increases closeness, which is always a factor in the lives of happy couples. When you hold hands, you’re subconsciously reminding yourself that you care about each other.

4. They don’t pointlessly nag

Happy couples emphasize the positive things that their partner does. This means that if something is bothering you, you have a real conversation about it. Nit-picking, nagging, or criticizing are not the way to someone’s heart.

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5. They embrace affection, continuing to kiss each other hello and say “I love you”

Before you leave for work in the morning, give your partner a really great goodbye kiss and say I love you. When you come home from a long day, do it again. Your morning and evening greeting should be something that you look forward to. Once you start kissing and sharing your feelings often, you’ll appreciate each other more.

People forget that the small things make a difference. When you begin your day with a loving gesture, you’re starting on a great note.


6. They maintain the intimacy

Nothing beats the I-can’t-keep-my-hands-off-you-and-am-so-obsessed-with-you honeymoon phase. It’s so amazing when the only thing you can focus on is your partner and you want to spend every single second together. But, eventually the honeymoon phase is over. Just because it ended, the passion doesn’t have to also disappear.

Happy couples work to keep intimacy and romance alive in the relationship.

7. They go out together

Having a date night is essential. Just like when you first started dating, you have to be woo-ed. Take turns courting each other and planning the entire night. Date night encourages you to keep the spark alive. As silly as it sounds, getting dressed up and going out, just the two of you, keeps the excitement strong.

8. They genuinely enjoy each other’s company

When you enjoy each other’s company, your relationship flourishes. Your significant other is someone you can talk to about anything, anywhere, anytime – so make sure you take advantage of that. When you have a bad day, simply seeing your partner makes everything better.

9. They break routines

Your relationship shouldn’t feel like a routine. Your life as a couple should be unpredictable. You should embrace spontaneity and surprise each other with fun new activities.

10. They put their phones away

When you’re together, you should focus entirely on each other. Devote 100% of your attention to your partner. Take a break from technology. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can all wait until the morning.



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  • Gathii

    Now that is mature leadership and a break from the tribal politics other so called national leaders and reformers pursue..

    • Boiyot

      Hopefully we don’t suddenly get all the usual suspicious characters trooping to church and mosques!

  • Brother Hon. Mudavadi has so far proved that he is armed with alot of nothing indeed. His pronouncements are carbon copy of merchants of deceit. He has totally failed to inspire. All he has had to say is that we should come together to win the presidency in the first round. That Kikuyus are only good at voting for their very own, as if thats a crime! Beyond these known Odm lines, the guy is totally clueless.

    To be a compromise candidate in a field of several candidates, you need to be exceptionally good. The Mudavadi is far from coming anywhere even near fair. Initial media attention on him are barely there. The press must be pretty bored with this spinless guy. Kenyans need someone who is going to bring food on the table for all. They dont need a pacifist with nothing to pacify. They need to be led by a person laden with inspirational practical ideas. Mudavai is none of that. Infact, I suspect those who were trying to front him are dangerously disappointed, if not awfully shocked!

    Brother Mudavadi’s credentials are also piteous. They cant stand any shred of scrutiny. His taste for corruption too stinks. There is nothing dramatic that can truly be associated with him. Needless to say, at this late hour, he still sees things on Odm’s mirror. Forgetting that he was supposed to shake the earth under feet of every possible candidate. He has already shown that he is as hapless as a domestic cockroach. In a situation like that, he becomes a very easy candidate to defeat. In politics such a candidate is totally dangerous and unworthy of placing your bet on. Either the guy displays more better fire, or simply aborts his doomed adventure.

    • ObieK

      How about your “village boy” you keep bragging about? Where is his curriculum vitae? We hope this time around the election board will actually have knowledge as to who the actual presidential winner will be, as opposed to that of Kivuitu who it appears must have been “bullied” to not let the voters who had exercised their civil right know the outcome. I do not think Kivuitu is that damn and did not care about the future of the country. We pray and hope that this time around our beloved Nation of Kenya will steer democratically in the right direction.

      • @Obiek: I have no qualms about my “village boy” pal. Am not arrested by tribalism like some of us. Infact, you need to read what I had posted else where on “Uhuru bags Tuju, Wamalwa and Kalonzo” just two days ago. We give credit where its due but not anything else. I certainly wont die for my tribal king!

        Mzee Hon. Kivuitu was never ever bullied by anyone. And if he was, he can still say his bit. Of course, merchants of deceit, in their desperation to take over the country, tried to put words in his mouth. That was to make excuses in order to wallow neck-deep in the blood of innocent Kenyans. Kivuiti had only said that he couldnt be certain that Kibaki won fairly. Adding quickly that he wasnt on the ground to know first hand how things went. From that statement, drunken lords of deceit quickly claimed that “even electoral commission chairman didnt know who won!” The “fairness” aspect which had prompted the statement, was conveniently left out. We have seen that too many times and it wont happen again! Pretentious fellows simply claim Kenyans have said this or that, when they are only expressing their own senseless opinion. Their kinsmen in the media then quickly take cue. Within no time, we are told “most Kenyans prefer this or that!” Thats increasingly becoming thing of the past pal, mark my words.

        • ObieK

          You remember him? This has nothing to do with your concocted “merchants of deceit”. The man was held captive/hostage, and to spare his life the only option was to comply! Please forward me his speech as to who was the rightfull winner in 2007. There must be a speech somewhere in the archives.

          Enemy of the people
          The disgraced ECK Boss, Samwel Kivuitu carries the blood of innocent Kenyans everywhere on his cynical face. He is the coward-of-the-nation. He does not know who won the election, yet he handed over a certificate to Emilio.

          • Awfully sorry had not seen your stuff all this time. However, were you there when events were taking place or simply spewing the lies fed on you? I know you will cry forever trying to fake victory which was never there. Blaming people like Mzee Kivuitu only shows the depth you have fallen in to. You obviously expected him to honor your lies? But once he went by the true record, you all went wild and engaged in murderous mass action. To this day, your bitterness remains wickedly crippling. No apologies for killing innocent people, but merely pointing fingers to the wrong people. And even have the vile audacity to accuse others of your very own crimes! I have always felt sick that the commander in chief of Odm forces was never asked to account for his unforgivable wicked sins! But at some point, he will, make no mistake about it pal!

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