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  • ChuckGG

    One point often overlooked is that while 31 states have marriage defined as two heterosexuals only, most of those additions to their constitutions occurred many years ago. Since then, attitudes have changed. It would be interesting to do a comparative study of public sentiment, per state, at the time the state constitution was changed versus today. I suspect most, if not all of those states would show a dramatic increase in approval of SSM, perhaps passing the 50% mark. If one were to break those numbers down by age group, the marked increase in SSM approval would be dramatic among the younger generation.

  • Honest Kenyan

    This is bull-shit news. Same sex marriage, just as related taboos like incest, bestiality and cannibalism , MUST BE REJECTED!!!!

  • Cool Man Ohio

    Same sex marriage doesn’t effect you at all unless you are gay. Its really not fair, HK, that you will never be able to fulfill your repressed sexual desire to have sex with another man.

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