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  • i bet it feels great to be alive for him…

  • God REALLY loves that dude, wah!

    • SkumiWaki

      God loves that dude, so he allowed a truck to smash into him? Doesn’t make sense.

    • mashtullah

      german technology…

      • Andrew, Santo Domingo

        Lets say German technology saved him from death. Can he really count on German Technology for his eternity?. Sooner or later this guy’s number will be up, so shall yours and mine. The important question to ask is Do You have Jesus in Your Heart? Is He the ruler in your life? Only In Him Alone Can We Have life eternal. May we all strive to grow in the grace and full knowledge of Jesus Christ

      • Simple luck, nothing German.

        Look at the pic carefully. The driver’s seating area is not crushed. The front wheel rode over the right side of the boot/trunk came to a halt on top of the seat behind the driver, after getting loose from the body. Anybody in the back seat would have died.

        People survive accidents in all manner of cars. And people like Princess Diana die in German cars.

    • Mazzdark

      “God” is sitting this one out – thank German tech

  • Robertooz

    Pole sana to those affected.That scene so scary!

  • easy coach drivers have joined Kisii and western bound buses like Nyamira Express and Eldoret Express in reckless driving!

  • Gabby

    May be on third-party insurance and the merc is on loan – waaaaaaah!

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