How to Re-brand Your Relationship/Marriage

After dating or being married for long, it is easy for a couple to get too familiar or comfortable with each other. Things can get boring between them, or they could suffer the same old same old repetitive stuff.

Corporate companies re-brand themselves whenever they feel the need to excite their clients/customers afresh, the need to adopt to the changing times or the need to re-ignite what they are about. A company that does the same old stuff ages can easily collapse; a couple that does the same old stuff can easily become lax and worn out. You two might be together all your life, but do you enjoy your love? So how does a couple re-brand?

1. Move to a new house if you are renting. Move house when you feel you have over stayed your area. A change in environment offers new experiences.

2. If you own your house or you don’t want to move out or circumstances don’t allow you to move out, then do a home make over. Rearrange things in the house after a number of years. Change the paint if you wish, change the lighting.



travel couple

3. As a couple, go out on a road trip. Fly to a new destination. Go outdoors. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Save up for it. Go to a new place that will give your life a kick, when you come back home, something will be added to your love.

4. Go for a marriage retreat or a couple’s event that allows you both to analyze the state of your love. Or read up on love and couple’s stuff, keep abreast with the issues of love. Don’t love in ignorance, you may be thinking you are loving your partner/spouse well yet he/she is silently tolerating.

5. Keep changing your wardrobe. Change your look. Look appealing to your spouse. Wow your partner/spouse afresh. There are lots of clothes to choose from.


6.Find a new hobby for the both of you. Something new you have not tried before. A new sport to start doing. Join a gym.

7. Join a book club or a social club where you both will meet new people.

8. Visit another church congregation, not because you are leaving your current church congregation but so that you experience what God is doing in other areas. Make new friends of the faith.

9. Find a new goal. Don’t just live together, have a joint goal. When couples have a target, things become exciting with something to look forward to. When you achieve the goal, you will feel good as a couple then find a new goal.

10. Try out new foods. Have you been eating the same food, year in year out? Treat yourselves to new delights.

11. Watch life changing movies, listen to life changing sermons, go for motivational talks together. Engage in processes that push you to be better, that inject inspiration in you.


12. Date. Yes, no matter how long you’ve been together, don’t stop dating. Date even when you are married.Take your dates to different places.

13. Try new sex positions. Experiment. Fool around. Don’t just make love in the bedroom, have fun in the shower, in the kitchen or living room when no one else is at home; become creative. Have a his night and hers night at least every few weeks. His night is the night when the husband relaxes and the wife pleasures him and takes care of him sexually. He does nothing but receive pleasure till he orgasms as many times as he can. Her night is her turn to relax and do nothing but receive pleasure till she orgasms to the point she can’t take no more. This will make both of you understand each other’s body more.

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