Nairobi’s One Stop Muslimah Bridal Studio

Gone are the days of boring cliché weddings, boring bridal gowns, boring wedding décor, boring wedding cakes, boring wedding makeup, boring… Those boring wedding everything days have since been replaced by modern, fun times with luxury and glamour on top and with the changed times, weddings have become a force to reckon with… and the Muslimah belles have not been left behind.

Al-Muslimah Bridal Studio located on Fairview Road in Pangani Estate caters for today’s Muslim bride. The studio was a thoughtful creation that came about as a result of wanting to help the modern Muslim bride walk into her new chapter in life in style and without pressure while enabling her enjoy her wedding and wedding planning process.

Planning a wedding is fun and stressful at the same time. The stress comes in when for various reasons and obstacles you cannot bring to life your brilliant wedding idea. At Al-Muslimah bridal studio and spa, they take on all your stress and replace it with glamour. It is a one stop shop with everything  Muslim wedding. They cater for the slightest to the most extravagant wedding ideas which they are happy to execute on your behalf.

At Al-Muslimah your ideas will be listened to. You will get all the help you need from the beginning to the end of your wedding journey. From picking the right wedding invitation cards, to organizing photographers and videographers, to planning the entertainment and catering, to styling you on your big day by bringing in the best makeup artists and most importantly, helping you pick out the perfect gown and accessories to go with it and of course not forgetting putting together the perfect décor and flowers for your big, perfect day.

Generally, the Al-Muslimah bridal studio is here to help today’s Muslim bride walk into her happily ever after in style.

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