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  • GGO

    Bwana Atwoli should know better. The Seat in parliament/Senate is a 5 year contract between the the people and their representative. They have been paid gratuity at the end of their last contract. This is a new contract with new terms. There are many instances when countries/companies take a pay cut due to prevailing econimic situations. I have never heard ILO raise a voice against it. And MPs are not unionizable workers

  • Hashim,said

    Bwana Atwoli,You talk too much but you do so little in helping kenyan workers,Try to do something worth to society we do not need your dancing skills we need Action.

  • Jackin

    Mr. Circus in the name of “workers”, Just join politics, U R meant to be a politician

  • muzzafar khan

    This is a quick about turn.Has Atwoli been overcome by senility? One day he advocates for maintaining the salary scales of the new MPs to the level prevailing during the life of the 10th Parliament arguing that any “cut would be disadvantageous to the incoming MPs as it would be in breach of labor laws and ILO convention and the next thing he denies “pushing for MPs to be paid more”.

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