Luxe Up Your Space with Gold!


The following statement is a fact: Gold is pure Luxe!

You don’t believe me? I’m just about to change that.

Picture this: You have picked out a color scheme for your home. You go through with your plans and set up your new space. You’ve done everything you had in mind to create  your cozy interior but then you look around and you’re a little underwhelmed by your creation.  Later, you invite your friends over  to come and see your space but no one mentions anything to do with how lovely your new space looks because to them it looks no different to any other space they’ve been to.  But… you still don’t know what’s missing!

It’s at this point that I will put you out of your misery…You skipped the accessories! And not just accessories… Gold accessories!

There are a few things that will liven up or even luxe up a space. Plants, mirrors, high ceilings, good lighting and gold accessories are just some of the things that come to mind. Here’s a little secret; whatever color scheme you have going on in your home, introducing a shiny gold anything to your space will automatically make your space look like money.

However, when it comes to gold there’s good and bad news.

The bad news is that gold is expensive. The good news is that there’s something called Gold spray paint which can help you create your own inexpensive yet chic golden accessories.



The secret to pulling off a luxe look courtesy of gold accessories in your space is to introduce them in small doses and to make sure your gold accessory is placed where everybody can notice and admire it.



Sprucing up your home with gold hardware can make all the difference. Just make sure that if you decide to go bold with gold such that your light fixtures are all golden, tone it down in other areas by introducing either white, black, grey or even silver to achieve the luxe effect. The point to remember here is that too much of anything is poisonous, hence too much of gold may end up making your space looking tacky.

It is important to note that Gold can accentuate any color, any space or anything and with this in mind it might (in some cases) even luxe up a cave or a dungeon. It will just depend on how you use it. So feel free to introduce your gold accessories in any room of your home.



We all have a right to some luxury (I even read somewhere that a little bit of luxury can improve the quality of life), so dare to luxe up your space! Also, once in a while you can decide to spoil yourself by splurging on something expensive for your home. When that time comes, let that something expensive be something gold!

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