Are you open to the idea of a sex contract?

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Following the release of the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ books and the upcoming film, an online store survey found that 61% of Britons are “open to the idea” of having a “sex contract” with their partner.

The books have also seen a £1 million (around Sh143 million) boom of people in the UK buying sex toys and accessories.

18% of those surveyed were open to a sex contract

According to the Daily Star newspaper, 18% of the 2,132 British adults who completed the survey that had been in a relationship for over a year were not only open to the idea but had already introduced one into their lives.

What is a sex contract?

This is a written promise between partner to spice up their sex lives by dressing up, acting out their fantasies, or having sex in unusual places.

Most of those signing up for sex contracts wanted to ‘try something new’ and believed that the contract would help spice up their sex lives.

Would you every draw up a sex contract with your partner?

If so, what would you like to put in the contract?

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