2 Chainz disappointed with Eminem snub?


2 Chainz hinted he was disappointed to be dropped from Eminem’s new album ‘Revival’, but later insisted there were no hard feelings.
The 40-year-old star – whose real name is Tauheed Epps – had worked with the ‘Without Me’ rapper on the track ‘Chloraseptic’ only to discover he wasn’t listed on the final tracklisting, and in dismay he took to social media to share his opinion on the apparent snub.

The rapper shared a list of the tunes on the record on his Instagram account and captioned it with the side eyes, angry face and fist emoji, seemingly to express his disappointment at missing out on being included on the finished project.

However, he later deleted the post, and went on to respond to another account commenting on the unheard verse, suggesting there are no hard feelings over the incident.

He wrote: “Grateful for the opportunity, new music on the way!”

Earlier this year, 2 Chainz revealed he was originally asked to simply “redo” one of Eminem’s hooks for the song, and to provide some ad-libs.

At the time, he explained: “They want you to redo a hook that Em said and maybe some ad-libs. So I said I don’t redo hooks because I do my own hooks and I want my pub.

“And I said secondly, if you want my ad-libs I can send them, I do the same ones every time … I’m telling him, like, man, you know that’s cool, but I gotta do something.”

The ‘It’s a Vibe’ hitmaker also revealed that Slim Shady praised his rapping style, and, it even made the hip-hop star anxious as he was left wondering where he’d take it next.

He added: “He telling me basically, like, a lot of my metaphors give him anxiety. He never know what Imma say. (sic)”

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