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  • MkenyaMpya

    This is very encouraging. Kenyans should support him in identifying more departments to slash, like KNA and KBC, parastatals to sell off and deadwood to fire. Now if he can have the guts to get rid of the relics of the provincial administration ….eeh, county commissioners, think of the savings he would make and Kenyans’ abiding adoration!

  • mimi

    God bless Kenya and uhuru

  • eric apiyo

    Good job

  • Wangechi

    This is a good start. I hope the names shall match up to this.

  • ..uumm, good , as the government is now devolved to the counties, No need for the 44 ministries. The focus shifts to the county were the power is

  • how i will like to see the damn county commissioners get a slash as well…….nice start mr president

  • gerald

    And why do we still have DCs in addition to CCs?

  • Would this help take care of kenya’s rampant corruption that has become a way of life in Kenya for decades now?

  • ali mohamed

    Cord shadow cabinet, should also be headed by the young not some old…tired and retired political rejects coming back to parliament after demanding that the young step down for them. ….this is dictatorship. IEBC should use the old list and if one mp step down for kalonzo, they should nominate someone else – especially the persons with disabilities instead of Kalonzo.

  • chembe

    good merging

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