5 Most effective places to meet ‘The One’ if you’re over 30


3. Interest-based clubs

Joining an interest-based club exposes you to a group of people that are keen on similar hobbies to you. You can join one of these clubs in your home town, or explore various themed holidays where you can ‘hike the Inca trail’ or ‘dive the Great Barrier Reef’ with the potential man of your dreams!

At home, joining a gender-neutral club is advised (you’re not going to find many men at a quilting convention or a scrapbooking class).

Explore birding, hiking or climbing clubs if you’re an outdoors person. If you’re a walking encyclopaedia, try a trivia club, and if you’re looking to expand your knowledge take an evening class to learn Italian. You never know, it could end up with a honeymoon in Italy!

4. Work

Many office romances end up as happily-ever-afters. Spending every working day around someone allows you to get to know them pretty well.

You see them when they’re stressed out, and when they’re excited about a new upcoming project. Before even exploring a potential relationship, you have a pretty good idea of the kind of person they are.

The only pitfalls are company policies regarding relationships, and the potential for major disruption in the workplace if the relationship doesn’t work out. But discussing these things beforehand will help to smooth the way for a potentially successful office romance.

5. Clubs or bars

Clubs are loud, full of intoxicated 20-somethings and aren’t generally the best place to meet ‘the one’. The environment doesn’t allow you to have a decent conversation and the pool of talent is incredibly diverse. Being able to pick a ‘good’ candidate from the crowd is not easy. But… it’s not impossible!

Just ensure you have a great ‘wing-woman’ with you who will help keep you focussed on your priority list, and won’t let you just go home with the first guy who pays for your drink!.

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