6 fun ways to initiate sex

Do you find it a little awkward when trying to ask your partner for some shimmy action under the sheets? Well, below are some pointers that can make the situation a lot less weird and fun.

 #1.)  Cook for her…and then feed her.  For a woman, just the sight of a man cooking can be an aphrodisiac.  Then, during dinner, offer her a glass of wine and let her have a taste of what’s to come by feeding her.

#2.)  Have a movie slumber night.  Instead of just renting a movie, plopping down in front of the TV, and vegging out on the couch together, make an event out of it and have a movie slumber night. Put a bunch of blankets and pillows down on the floor in front of the TV, and prepare her favorite snacks in advance.  It’ll make the movie-watching experience more fun, and more intimate.

#3.)  Play adult board games.  When was the last time you played a board game in your underwear?  Strip poker is a classic, but you can find tons of sexy games online, and in adult stores. Or, in a pinch, just about any classic board game can be modified to be “adult.”  Like with “Monopoly” . . . every time you pass Go, collect $200 AND take off an article of clothing.  The options are endless, so take your pick, open a bottle of wine, and have fun.

 #4.)  Show her your artistic side.  There are temporary tattoos, body paints and crayons you can apply directly on the body.  The beauty of it is that it’s fun, and you both need to shed some clothes and touch each other to do it.

#5.)  Take her dancing.  Dancing is the ultimate in foreplay . . . and women love a guy who’s not afraid to dance.  It’s great because it gives her a chance to dress up and impress you with her moves before even getting to the bedroom.

  #6.)  A shower for two.  At the end of the night, set the tone for the evening by joining her in the shower or the bath.  Lather her up and linger over your favorites spots . . . but WITHOUT initiating sex. 

After the shower, offer to massage her favorite lotion into her skin, and let her relax.  When you’ve actually given her a half-way decent massage, THAT’S when you make your move.

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