Worlds First Smart Condom Ring promises to measure your performance

British Condoms, the UK’s largest online condom store have today announced that they have developed the newest installment of wearable technology – the i.Con – the worlds first smart condom ring.

With just under 3 years in the making, British Condoms have worked with over 40 tech engineers from across the UK to develop the smart condom ring which is now in its final stages of testing and will be ready for release in early 2017.

The smart condom ring will sit at the base of a condom and has an adjustable band to ensure the correct fit for all sizes and will also help to ensure that the condom remains secure during intercourse reducing the risk of ‘condom slip’.

Utilising Nano-chip technology, blue-tooth technology and micro-sensors, the i.Con will be lightweight, durable, waterproof and boasts a powerful micro-battery allowing up to 8 hours of ‘live’ usage with a micro-usb charging port to regenerate.

The i.Con ring will record numerous pieces of data during intercourse and will then relay the information to the i.Con smart-phone app after each session. Some of these variables include; Calories burnt, duration of intercourse, how many thrusts (average), thrust velocity, girth measurement and various other factors.

The smart-phone app will allow users to share their data anonymously worldwide with other users so that they can compare data, or, if the user is brave enough, share the data publicly.


Source: Press Release

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