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  • Things continuing to fall apart or in place.ICC should apologise to Kenyans and give us peace of mind.ICC is now a stale subject.

  • jackin

    SomeoneTellICC – kila kitu kenya ni bonoko!

  • Jacob

    This Matsanga guy, what does he want with the Kenyan cases. Let the cases, tale their path. If the Investigations were shallow then the prosecution will loose the case, why should it be dropped. What is all this hullabaloo, about you should concentrate on Uganda and your Ludicrous Tyrant in the name of Museveni. Leave Kenyans alone.

  • Ugandans Talking

    I rubbed my eyes a zillion times on seeing your esteemed show have Matsanga on the revered show. Unfortunately for Kenya, Matsanga is someone who has been known to be a King-Maker in HE Uhuru Kenyatta’s election. That he is a close aid to Kenyatta is even more disturbing for those of us, Ugandans who know him for misrepresenting everything about him. Matsanga claims he has a master’s degree in Political Sciences and a Phd in Psychology. However, it is not clear if he sat his A level examinations. Colleagues who have been with Matsanga know him as a man who is quick at sniffing opportunities from Mugabe to Kony and now Uhuru. In fact, he has absolutely NO degree of any kind from any university. If he ever shows you any proof, take note to follow up on the thousands of Degree and Diploma Mills who offer such prestigious academic prefixes in 5 minutes for a couple of hundred bucks. A diploma mill (also known as a degree mill) is an unaccredited higher education institution that offers fake academic degrees and diplomas for a fee. You can find lists and lists of Diploma/Degree Mills online. Matsanga is a fraud that Uhuru must cease associating with for the sake of his name and office.

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