5 Traits of a desirable Man


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In a society flooded with self-help articles, dating advice spam e-mails, and hardly ever enough mental down-time to think for ourselves — when it comes to navigating through the complexities of dating, we are left overloaded on information about “what to do,” but hardly enough insight on who to be.

Who are we now? Who do we want to be?

Especially as men, all of the “advice” out there is about the dating protocol that seems to be universal – how to talk to women, how to approach them, what pick-up lines to use, when to try to be more intimate, how to treat women, when to call or text. But to be absolutely honest, the dating protocol doesn’t really matter because the thing that will speak the loudest for the longest is who you are as a human being.

So when your goal is to become a desirable man who women want to be around without persuasion, how do we make that happen?

Here are 5 traits of a desirable man:

1) A desirable man is well-spoken.

Women appreciate an articulate man, one who can convey emotions, intentions, thoughts, and ideas clearly and concisely without being dramatic.

2) A desirable man pays attention.

Perhaps even more important than how well you speak, is how well you listen. Many men carry the misconception that listening is a passive action and requires no effort, but we all know that being present does take a lot of effort and women appreciate it.

3) A desirable man has goals and ambitions.

Mature women understand that they should never plan a future with a man who has no future plans for himself. A man who knows what he wants out of life and has the ambition to go after it, will also know what he wants in regards to relationships and be forever more attractive than he who is passively content in mediocrity. .

4) A desirable man is kind towards everyone.

No woman will want to be with a man who is kind to her when the circumstances call for it, but is rude or mean to others around him, people who he meets in public, and certainly not to children or animals. A desirable man will be kind to others because of who he is, not because of who they are.

5) A desirable man has compassion

A desirable man will be able to protect when necessary but also to show compassion as well. Without compassion, there is no love and if a man is unable to feel compassion for others, how can he then be able to love someone else?




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