Super Mario Bros to be made into animated movie

‘Super Mario Bros’ is set to be made into an animated movie.

Illumination Entertainment is reportedly in talks with Nintendo to make a new film based around the two Italian plumbers Mario and Luigi, who became global icons following the launch of their own series on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The company, which is owned by Chris Meledandri and Universal Studios, has created a number of hugely popular movies including ‘Despicable Me’, ‘Minions’ and ‘The Secret Life of Pets’.

Since the first ‘Super Mario’ game was released there have been numerous follow-ups across all of Nintendo’s consoles requiring players to guide Mario on his quest to rescue Princess Peach.

The most recent installment in the series is this year’s ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ which hit the Switch in October.

As well as the main series, Mario and the associated cast of characters have appeared in numerous spin-off titles such as ‘Mario Kart’, ‘Dr. Mario’, ‘Paper Mario’ and ‘Super Smash Bros’.

Although negotiations are still ongoing about the potential new movie, in 2015 Nintendo agreed with Universal Parks and Resorts to be allowed to build attractions based around the iconic characters.

Illumination Entertainment currently has four untitled films slated for release in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Back in 1993, the video game was adapted into a live-action movie starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo.

However, the film was slated by critics and bombed at the box office after its release, but despite being dubbed a terrible film, it has since gained a large cult following and fan-made sequel comic was created.


Source: Bang Showbiz

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