Susan Wong is the Editor of Capital Lifestyle, a resident photographer, an award-winning journalist, radio presenter, full-time adventurer, long-time admirer of anything edible, and a spicy food athlete at Capital FM.

  • jdagoo24

    wanao kufuta kazi, wanaokudharau siku moja watakusalimia na wakupigie simu na heshima… Mungu yuko…. jubilee twende wira… wira ni wira… hata ya kuaza, makaa, maadazi!!!

  • shalom

    The God we serve rewards abundantly!

  • David Apiyo

    Im speaking as a voter who did not vote for Uhuru but respect the will of the people no matter how much we would have wanted things to turn out. It is rather unpleasant that the losers didn’t attend a rather important function in the new Kenya. But the New President exercised true statesmanship but calling all to come together. The Elections are behind and there were promises irrespective of who gave them. Its a chance to share the same goals and deliver that which is not easy but achievable. I wish the the new team well and hope they will use the experience and wisdom of choice and goodwill in the realization that winners or losers we are all Kenyans and as such one Nation.

  • maggy

    proud comes before fall



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