The Kenyan Holiday Packing Checklist for Babies

Written by Yvonne Kanyi for MumsVillage


Going on a trip this holiday? Yayy! Finally you can get to relax, but only so much if baby is coming along.

I don’t know about you but I start to get a headache when I think about packing. Someway even with my own lists involved, I always forget something and I end up having a pimply face that vacation because oops! I forgot my Johnsons Daily Essential Face Wash. I wish there was a way I would just not bother and magically have all my things packed and waiting for me at my holiday destination.

Well, look no more! We here at MumsVillage will pack your bags and make sure your pre-holiday prep is stress free from here to your holiday destination. Just kidding! But we can come close to that. We’ve compiled a list of essentials that you will need for your toddler. Rest assured you will miss nothing.

Please keep in mind that you may not need all the items on the list dependent on your destination as well as whether you have the items. But you can DIY for some of them.

If you’re visiting a cold area ensure you have a couple of warm blankets. Although some hotels or holiday homes do provide cribs check beforehand before you have to carry your own.  Don’t forget the baby bedding as well as its more sanitary and safe to carry and use your own….


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