Cast and celebrity guests arrive on the red carpet for the New York premiere of “Black Nativity” at the legendary Apollo Theater in the Village of Harlem in NYC

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    Kenya has actually been quite pragmatic in its efforts to recover money stolen by kleptocrats. The government framed some murder charges against Pattni which made it detain him in Kamiti without option of bail. In the process, Pattni was thus forced to surrender the Grand Regency and other loot in exchange for freedom.

    Kleptocrats have always hidden their loot in banking secrecy havens where banking laws make it very difficult for stolen funds to be recoverred. For instance, the Swiss government has made it very difficult for Nigeria government to recover the late Sani Abacha’s loot. The UK government is a hypocritical anti-corruption crusader because it knows that money looted in Goldenberg, Anglo-leasing and other scams sits pretty in western banking secrecy including the UK’s Jersey, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, British Virgin Islands, etc.

    A local and international judicial process is an ideal but impractical way for poor countries to recover their stolen wealth from rich countries.

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