Transforming joyless sex

7. Fear about acting our fantasies

Sex isn’t just a medical plumbing job-it is in the mind too. The greatest misconception about fantasies is that they are all suppressed wishes or desires with some being a form of exploration.unhappycoupleinbed

The problem in sharing one’s fantasies with a partner is how to decide which one to share and which one to keep to yourself. Be careful, if you declare your fantasy it puts tremendous pressure on your partner to accept it. So take it gently and raise the subject indirectly. Although some couples can discuss these ‘other’ fantasies, not everyone is sufficiently secure to appreciate the difference, so it may be wiser not to mention them.

8. Masturbation fears

Many men usually enjoy masturbation and can be just as happy being relieved in this way as by having intercourse, at least in the short term. Women who masturbate or whose partners masturbate them a lot tend to have high intercourse rates.

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