Transforming joyless sex

2. Fear that one might look silly

Many people curtain their enjoyment of orgasm in the interest of their dignity and appearance in front of their partner. Remember there are few bigger turn-offs to a sex partner than making love to someone who appears unresponsive. While the greatest turn-on is a partner who moans, sighs, express delight in all kinds of ways during lovemaking. And its not only women who have this fears, men too are afraid about showing the animal in them.


3. Fear of being undressed

This fear especially inhibits women. The fear that you will look horrible especially that fat tummy, ugly stretch marks, cesarean scars, or those flaccid breasts and these will turn him off.

Some men also exhibit this fear. They commonly fear that they have a poor physique, beer belly, their legs are too thin, or their chests are not hairy.

Lovers rarely scrutinize each other during sexual excitement. So start looking at the attractive part of your body as that is what your partner will be most interested in.

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