Transforming joyless sex


Fear and anxiety reduce sexual pleasure while producing more physical symptoms. These emotions make themselves felt in many physical ways such as pounding heartbeat to muscle tension, panic, excessive sweating, a desire to urinate, awkward arousals and several other symptoms which are specific to individuals.

These symptoms make sex a joyless experience because the person affected may feel numb and tense, less sensation, remain silent during the sex and may even fake orgasm to please their partner.

In order to reduce or simply just kill these fears, we need to kill the stereotypes that men are supposed to be always available and ready for sexual action and be macho and women are supposed to just lie back and enjoy sex and not express their sexual desire lest their man thinks she is loose or vastly experienced.

Now let’s look at the ten most common fears and anxieties that plague our sex life, often ruining them.

1. Fear of letting go

This is the fear of being totally open and vulnerable sex is about letting go and enjoying your body’s sensations. Many people are afraid of what their partners will think of them.

The first stem to enjoying a good and fulfilling sex is letting you and your partner enjoy bodies without holding back.


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