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  • Good article

    • rainman

      None of the losers in Kenyan presidential elections have ever attended the inauguration of their opponent. Why this is news is beyond me. Uhuru did not attend Kibakis in 2002 if I can remember. Get over the Raila hate

  • Ciru

    very undiplomatic and ignorant

    • Chotara

      They are politicians not diplomats.

  • gedimuhando


  • Gabby

    Raila made sure he literally dragged these two in case he came back and found they had inked a deal with Jubilee……. Nice try. Why didn’t they go to the Soth Pole, that’s farther than South Africa, that way even the whiff of a sweet smelling inauguration doesn’t get anywhere close….

  • kerbala

    Let Jubilee rule only the 4 tribes that voted for him and allow the rest of 38 to succede(break away from kenya) the same way south sudan did without much resistance because the 38 tribes in kenya expect totally nothing from a uhuru government which is tribal .

    • Gabby

      With your warped thinking, I guess you are Raila’s ‘democracy’ proponent because 38 is ‘way’ much bigger than 4? Wow. The kind of child who used to get cheated by mummy a ten-cent coinn is ‘bigger’ than the smaller shilling. Go away and don’t let the door hit you on your way out……..

  • Gabby

    Thus is a brain-washing trip. Mind resetting of any little Water Melon and Weta’s inclination to strike a deal with Jubilee. That guy could NEVER have risked to leave them behind. Why does it become so much of a boycott while in 2002 there was no drama with Uhuru the losing candidate doing some South Africa of sorts with Mudavadi and sending NO apologies???

  • Little Hiti

    ….Just wish they could stay there …… and never comeback

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