What influences fashion mogul Iris Apfel’s style?

Iris Apfel thinks being able to travel as part of her job has impacted on her style.

The 96-year-old designer has been working in the fashion business for over six decades, and the star thinks her ability to jet across the globe as part of her career has changed her style, but has also helped with her latest collection with HSN, which was also inspired by the new movie ‘Murder on the Orient Express’.

The businesswoman – who is known for her eccentric wardrobe choices – said: “My work within the textile industry began in the early 1950s with my husband, so I have a deep-rooted appreciation for fabric, texture, and quality.

“Our work afforded us the luxury of world travel, which has impacted my style over the years. As a result, both my experience and travels influence the luggage that I designed for this collection — the shape is reflective of the era in which the movie takes place.”

The mogul has admitted though she took inspiration from the era of the mystery film, based on the 1934 novel by the late Agatha Christie, she has “modernised” the collection, as well as keeping traditional elements, such as the insertion of pins, to refer back to the 30s era.

She continued: “However, I’ve modernised the design by adding small details such as gold hardware and tassels.

“All of the clothes in the collection were designed with the three lead characters as a source of inspiration, but it had to translate to accessible

“In the 1930s, women began wearing more accessories, so that movement is the inspiration behind the pins. The colours of the jewels are reflective of the tone of the film — rich and moody.”

Regardless of her age Iris is adamant she will “never stop” designing.

She told HelloGiggles.com: “My goal is to never stop creating, collaborating, and designing.”


Source: Bang Showbiz

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