Study finds women prefer watching TV to having sex

Research has found more than 20 per cent of women prefer watching TV than having sex.

According to a new survey by Mortar London – which was commissioned by Freeview to mark its 15th anniversary – has discovered watching a game of football, politics, even a show on religion, as well as eating chocolate are all favoured over a steamy session in the bedroom.

The survey has also found that 61 per cent of TV watchers make major life decisions, such as quitting a job or getting married, after watching TV.

Guy North, MD of Freeview, said: “TV has the power to transport us anywhere we want when we’re stressed, cheer us up when we’re sad and it can even bring seven to 70 year olds together in a shared TV viewing moment.

“When you consider how much time we spend watching TV and how our viewing habits have changed with the rise of catch-up and on-demand, TV remains a fundamental part of our everyday life.

“Its ability to influence decision-making is quite astonishing.”

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