Donald Trump ranked top scariest celebrity face

Donald Trump has been ranked the number one scariest celebrity face.

The American President has been ranked the top of a list of celebrities, which also include Marilyn Manson, Kim Jong-un and Theresa May, who has the most terrifying appearance in a new study by

And the children who took part in the survey believe the 71-year-old would give them the biggest fright if they saw him on a dark night.

Jonathan McCarthy, six, took to the streets of London dressed as the US leader to see if his outfit packed the scare factor ahead of Halloween on Tuesday (31.10.17).

He said: “My costume got quite a few laughs. Though one man said I shouldn’t make jokes about American politics.

“Trump’s a pretty scary-looking guy so I didn’t need loads of horror make up. It should do pretty well when I go out trick or treating with my friends on October 31.”

The comic book company polled 2,000 British parents with children aged four to 14, and the results of their study has found that the ghoulish day has become one of the most popular holidays for children across the UK, as half of the parents said their children pitted Halloween in second place after Christmas Day in the annual events calendar.

Beano Boffin, Mike Stirling, said: “There’s no fake news here! With Trump in our Halloween Top 10 it just goes to show that when it comes to things that scare us, reality can be more frightening than fiction.

“Trump aside, we can expect to see mini Kim Jong-uns and perhaps even the occasional Theresa May out trick or treating on October 31.”

The top ten scariest looking celebrity faces, according to Beano’s study, are;

1. Donald Trump (54 per cent)

2. Marilyn Manson (41 per cent)

3. Kim Jong-un (40 per cent)

4. Donatella Versace (37 per cent)

5. Ozzy Osbourne (34 per cent)

6. Vladimir Putin (33 per cent)

7. Katie Hopkins (31 per cent)

8. Theresa May (30 per cent)

9. Nigel Farage (27 per cent)

10. Boris Johnson (26 per cent)

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