‘It was going to eat her’ – Aussie teen survives shark scare

An Australian teenager has survived a terrifying encounter with a great white shark, with her harrowing screams alerting her father who was certain it was about to “eat her”.

Sarah Williams, 15, was fishing for squid from a kayak off the South Australian coast near Normanville on Sunday when the shark struck.

Her rattled father Chris, in a small dingy nearby with his son and another daughter, said she was thrown in the air and landed in the water.

“This shark has just rolled and all I saw was the dark side and the white belly and just huge fins and just white water everywhere,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Monday.

“It was going to eat her.”

He said the animal circled and hit the kayak several times as he rushed to his daughter’s aid, with son Mitchell dragging her from the water, over the shark and into their boat.

“That spine-tingling scream, that not only me but my son and eldest daughter heard, is something that you just can?t describe it,” Williams added to the Nine Network as he fought back tears.

“All night we?ve just sort of sat back and said, ‘how have we got out of this alive??”

The shark, suspected to be a great white and estimated to be the same length as the kayak, about 4.5 metres (15 feet), then stalked their motor boat for about 10 minutes as they headed for safety.

The girl, who escaped with minor cuts and bruises, said the ordeal was “everything you picture in the Jaws movie”.

“I saw it when I was in the water with it. I saw what it was and I saw its fin,” she told Nine.

Police said the Sea Rescue Squadron was now patrolling the area, around 75 kilometres (46 miles) south of Adelaide.

The scare came just days after a diver survived intact after being forced to swim five miles back to shore shadowed by a large tiger shark after becoming separated from his boat in Western Australia.

John Craig told reporters on Sunday: “I thought this was it, this is how I’m going to die.”

There have been more than a dozen incidents with sharks off Australia’s vast coastline this year, including the death of a 17-year-old girl mauled in full view of her parents in Western Australia.

Experts say attacks are increasing as water sports become more popular and baitfish move closer to shore, but fatalities remain rare.

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  1. Avatar Gabby April 5th, 2013 at 6:25 am

    The Kenyan state gave rise to these counties and is releasing the funds to set them up including giving up previous structures (county and municipal council assets etc.) so any talk of federalism is ill advised. The federal governments of the world are in existence by formation of (federal) unions of individual member states having a historical and social genesis e.g. the USA, UK, Germany and even confederations like Switzerland, language and geo-political congruence…. Feudal regions with mainly deep different socio-cultural identities and capable of own sovereignity would coaslesce for economies of scale to form larger (federal) unions. In Kenya’s case, if it ever happened, the eight provinces would have been the level at which these territories got together NOT at county level (county state) because that would NOT be viable so flying flags for these County Governors is a far fetched affair and their counties will NOT afford those tendancies! The way the these new governors think they will operate is NOT going to work. The constrant use of federalism is misplaced and county commissioners need continue as Central Goverment eyes-on-the-ground. I suggest that some start being realistic and POOL resources to avoid duplication eg. Muranga, Nyeri and Nyandarua counties getting together to exploit the Aberdare as a tourism resource or Kajiado and Narok doing a bridge together otherwise the multiplicity will not achieve the desired ecomonies of scale as previously under a single state – Kenya. At the end, these Governors are in reality just expanded CDF fund administrators. Nothing more. Expanding individual county governments (and thus recurrent expenditure) is the worst thing for a third world country like Kenya and what is needed is to create efficiencies for the sustainable exploitation of resources at county level and with the thinnest ‘governments’ possible by sowing the seeds (capital investments) of light to heavy manufacturing first by value addition of primary goods at the local level and to create employment then by reducing imports that can be processed here while increasing exports through free-trade arrangements e.g E.A.C/ COMESA where trade between members takes palce without dollar reconversions but through a common exchange currency…….

  2. Avatar Odiek Nyaligunga April 5th, 2013 at 10:42 am

    Kenya political system defines a unique unitary state, not a federal one, as claimed by wishful thinkers, the central government is superior to the country government however has limits to what it can dictate to the county government (devolution). The same principal applies to the executive vs the bicameral parliament (checks and balances) (enforced by the Judiciary).

    1. Avatar Gabby April 5th, 2013 at 12:03 pm

      You have spoke like a true analyst! I concur BUT it is the Munyas and Isaac Rutos of this world who insist that it is a federal system. The federal system as the centre is made by the periphery but in this case it is the centre that makes the periphery. Why do voters keep on recycling these horrible persons?


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