Looking to Glam up Your Home? Just Add Mirrored Furniture!



If you’re anything like me, then you know that you don’t have to live in a palatial house to have a beautiful home. You can live in a dungeon and still have the most beautiful space to call your home for all I know.

When it comes to interior decor, expensive doesn’t always mean the best (well, it could mean best quality, but not all the time as sometimes shipping costs and taxes end up eating into a huge part of the end price). Making your home interior beautiful is all about executing your vision whether it’s in a dungeon, a studio apartment or a mansion. You can achieve absolutely anything and sometimes with a bit of a compromise. For instance, if there’s one sure way to achieve a glam home… just add a piece of mirrored furniture or two.

Mirrored furniture are all the rage right now. From mirrored coffee tables, to mirrored bedside tables and consoles, to even mirrored mirrors, these pieces of furniture are anyone-who-has-ever-wanted-a-glam-home’s dream come true. It really is so easy, add any mirrored furniture or accessory to your space and you won’t believe the huge transformation it will give your space. The only bummer could be that mirrored furniture cost a pretty penny (you might be tempted to break the bank, I kid you not) and this is where compromise comes in.

Once you have decided that you want to take the glam home route, you might have to start saving up for your mirrored look furniture or if you could get a payment plan from the furniture store,  even better. The good news is that mirrored items are timeless and (if well taken care of-especially the really good quality kind) they may maintain their good, opulent look and feel for a very long time and if it’s not very good quality it may end up having that chic, vintage look about it which could also work in your favor in the future.

Below, find some glam home inspiration courtesy of mirrored furniture:

Mirrored coffee table



Mirrored bedside tables and console tables



Mirrored mirrors



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