3 Bizarre beauty trends we could probably do without

My mother always warned me about publically condemning an idea or person lest I ever have to swallow my words but the three beauty trends I’m about to share are just downright bizarre.

So far, 2017 has been an amazing year for the beauty world. Rihanna debuted her popular cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, featuring 40 different foundation shades (a rarity for the industry); Kylie Jenner’s beauty company was projected to be worth $1billion in the next few years (not bad for a 20-year-old); and there’s been a general zeitgeist towards embracing flaws, diversity and natural beauty with the like of Winnie Harlow being celebrated.

But with every step forward in the beauty industry, there are some makeup trends that are just, well, doing the most.

Here are three that are bound to make you raise a brow or two.

Braided Brows

Seems like Eros originally came up with this trend as a joke but multiple beauty fanatics have attempted to recreate his Photoshopped look after his post went viral. And whereas most people don’t have eyebrow hair long enough to braid, many have attempted to replicate the braided effect using pomades, brow gels and highlighters.

And as if that’s not enough, there are also eyebrow wigs that have come up! Don’t believe me? Check out this video.

Hairy Fingernails

What can I say, some people just like a hairy manicure!

This artist used wig hair for this test run but admitted to wanting to use her own real hair next time she attempts this trend. I’m not sure how she’d able to do her daily chores given her manicure but to each their own, right?

Toilet Paper Lips

This Instagram makeup trend uses toilet paper as lip art and was popularised by Italian makeup artist, Greta Agazzi, known for her bold and unique beauty artwork.

I’ve got to be honest here, whereas the first two trends were a little disturbing to look at, this actually has a stunning editorial effect and were it not for the fact that you couldn’t properly eat, drink or talk with toilet paper stuck on your lips, it could probably work! Very editorial but highly impractical.

This daring trend was also posted on YouTube by Safiya Nygaard and already has over 2 million views.


So what do you think? Are these trends something you would consider trying or are they a tad too much for you?

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