Cartoon Nas is the new face of Timberland’s fall collection

A cartoon version of New York rap star Nas is the new face of Timberland’s fall 2017 campaign, The Legend Collection.

The American rapper has teamed up with the iconic boot brand for their new collection The Legend Club and has made a series of animated videos to promote the iconic footwear, which he says is a “household name” and was a signature uniform growing in Queens, New York.

Speaking in the first video, he says: “New York is a very stylish place; we don’t do anything the regular way, we don’t do things to fit in. Timberland is a household name, especially where I’m from. We used to go to Steinway Street in Queens – I used to put them on layaway, I used to do whatever to make sure no one else bought that size.”

The first boot in the collection is the Volume VII FlyRoam, set to be released on September 30.

Nas – real name Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones – says hip-hop’s evolution goes hand in hand with youth culture and how they dress helps them tell that story.

He adds in the animated video: “Hip-hop is constantly evolving because it’s the language of the youth. All the things that matter are still there, it’s the glue, and it’s just the new generation comes and tells their story.”

The rapper’s cartoon persona will star in a series of animated videos that will accompany each boot as it is released in the four-part Legend collection range.

The Volume VII Flyroam Sport Hiker is available to buy on September 30 at Foot Locker retail stores.

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