Cristiano Ronaldo’s invisibility dream

Cristiano Ronaldo wishes he was invisible – so he could play pranks on his friends and be more spontaneous.

The 32-year-old soccer star has launched his new FW17 collection of CR7 Underwear and, inspired by the camouflage print of his favourite design, has posed for a number of promotional images that sees his pants blend into the background, and he admitted it’s something he’d love to be able to do in everyday life.

He said: “My favourite design in the new collection is the camouflage print and that inspired the concept of this campaign. It was fun to play about with the theme of camouflage. I often think about what I would do if I could completely camouflage myself and be totally invisible – I would definitely spend the day playing pranks on all my friends and teammates!”

But it isn’t only prank-playing that would be in Cristiano’s plans if he were invisible, as he’d use it as a reason to be more spontaneous.

He added: “I’m naturally outgoing and adventurous, so if I was invisible for the day I would go to new places, try new things and really embrace the feeling of being spontaneous and able to do absolutely anything I wanted!”

The Portuguese star always wants to add “extra spice” to his life, and felt his new underwear collection was the perfect way to start his day with a bit more colour.

He said: “I value boldness and playfulness in both professional and personal facets of my life and have created this collection to embody those themes. I take every opportunity to add more colour and extra spice into my day wherever possible, and I believe that vibrant underwear is a good place to start!

“The new collection features geometric patterns and interesting, colourful design details. I love patterns and I love colour and bringing the two together creates something really special. I want my underwear to always have a unique twist.”

Cristiano’s CR7 Underwear line is produced and distributed by JBS Textile Group.

The Fall/Winter 2017 CR7 Underwear collection is available from and select retailers worldwide.

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