#MACbackstage: Makeup look for Michael Kors Spring 2018 Show

PHOTO: Trevor Stuurman

MAC Cosmetics Sub-Saharan Africa Senior Artist, Marco-Louis Ackers (@marco_louis) and Capital FM (@capitalfmkenya) will be bringing you the latest makeup trends and looks directly from the backstage of New York Fashion Week!

Here’s the look for Michael Kors Spring 2018 Show

1) Gold is a reoccurring theme in everything Michael Kors does. In a recent interview with Vogue, he explained that gold is a transformer. If you put a little gold on your face, it suddenly lights up. Was gold used in the makeup look for his 2018 Spring collection?

Marco-Louis: It’s very interesting that you mentioned about the gold – it’s definitely a recurring theme for the Michael Kors brand. Ironically enough though, this season the brief for the makeup was simply untouched, actually. We were asked to do very minimal makeup – leave the tones underneath the eyes and leave a little bit of the flush on the cheek, and not do much coverage at all. The only makeup application we used was only a bit of lip conditioner, clear brow set, and concealer just to conceal the red around the nose and mouth. Other than that, completely untouched, she looked absolutely bare and natural.

PHOTO: Trevor Stuurman

2) In 3 words, describe Michael Kors’ makeup look.

Marco-Louis: Real. Sophisticated. Natural.

3) What product applications were you most excited about?

Marco-Louis: Using skincare in collaboration with concealer. Sheering down concealer to create a light veil in some areas where you did want to smoothen out the skin, and as well as using concentrated concealer in areas like around the nose and mouth to make sure they’re absolutely refined, and looks natural for stage lights. 

PHOTO: Trevor Stuurman

4) What part of this look would be applicable to a woman’s day-to- day look?

Marco-Louis: The look is so bare-down that I think in every day, women would actually prefer to wear a little more. Across Africa, we do find that women have really beautiful skin so instead of covering it all up with foundation, using a little bit of concealer to just conceal where you exactly need it to be (eyelids, under eye, nose, and around the mouth). Other than that, a little bit of MAC Fix Plus keeps the dewiness in the skin to achieve that skin look that’s perfect for the season.

5) What were the key MAC products used to achieve this look?

Marco-Louis: Mineralize Timecheck Lotion is great for moisture and resurfacing the skin – achieving the perfect base for foundation or just a little bit of concealer. Studio Finish Concealer, which is always a winner backstage and in real life because of the coverage it gives you.

PHOTO: Trevor Stuurman
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