3 Baby friendly products that worked amazing for my newborn

I recently came across this statement and couldn’t ignore how apt it was, “It is only the first baby that takes up the whole of a woman’s time. Five or six do not require nearly so much attention as one.”

The quote can be interpreted in many ways but I’ll tell you this, as a new mum I can safely say that most of my time, energy and Google search history is reserved for my baby.

I’ve spent countless of hours on Google researching products, randomly stopped strangers in supermarket aisles to ask for their opinion on baby detergent and called my pediatrician one too many times in a panic to get her reassurance on one thing or another.

If nothing else, I’m hoping this article will help provide options to new mums on some of the locally available products that are worth considering for your newborn baby.

Baby Friendly Products That Worked For Me

My daughter is four months now and I’ve had a lovely experience with the products I’m about to share. Not only did other mothers recommend these items to me but my pediatrician approved them too.

Just to note, babies are different and whereas mine has had a great experience with these products, it’s important to go into this knowing that yours may have a totally different reaction. If need be, check with your pediatrician first before purchasing.

Pure Natural Soap Flakes

This is a great detergent as it’s chemical-free and doesn’t react with my baby’s skin. Best part? I can pronounce and recognize all the ingredients: vegetable oils , glycerin, purified water and natural vitamin E. A baby’s skin can be incredibly sensitive so I was keen to find a natural detergent that was mild and gentle.

All you need is a bucket of warm water and a handful of the flakes. Mix well and hand wash baby’s clothes as usual. It’s cheaper than the normal detergents so it’s great for your wallet too!

Zinc & Castor Cream

This diaper cream has worked beautifully on my baby and I use it every time I change her diaper. I didn’t use diaper cream at first but when my daughter got a bit of a rash, this cream helped get rid of it straight away. It’s got a whipped texture to it, a subtle scent and is hypoallergenic.

It costs about KES800 and you can get it at your local chemist (e.g. Mimosa or Ava).

Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo

I remember asking my midwife how to tell which baby wash is good and she said one of the best ways to test it out is to use it in the shower, deliberately get some of it into your eyes and see if it burns. This baby wash passed the test!

It’s gentle on baby’s delicate skin and can be used as both a body wash and shampoo. I love the subtle scent too!

It’s paraben-free and you can get it from any supermarket for around KES1,000.

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