The 9 Persons who get Hurt When you Have an Affair

Before you engage or continue to engage in an affair for the pleasure of what is between your legs, be aware that because of your affair, the following people are bound to get hurt.

1. “Your spouse”

This is worst thing you can ever do to your spouse, it shows disloyalty, contempt, disrespect. The pain is too heavy to bear, the consequences regrettable. It is not worth it.

2. “Your children”

Once your marriage suffers, it will affect your children. Many parents try to brush this off but children suffer the most when the marriage is breaking or weak. Your children might still love you but there is a part of you that will be difficult to accept. What for?

3. “God”

God is faithful and is not pleased with infidelity. By hurting your spouse, you are hurting God. This will greatly affect your personal relationship with God. Giving into the flesh grieves the Holy Spirit.

4. “Those who admire you”

There could be people who have grown admiring you but the moment you show disrespect to your spouse they will stop admiring you thinking ‘If you could hurt the one person you are one with and building a future with, how dark is your heart?’

5. “Your in-laws”

Your in-laws will be heartbroken to learn that you can treat badly their own whom they gave to you in trust.

6. “Your parents”

You will bring shame to your family when you are referred to as the unfaithful one. They will wonder why couldn’t you have self control and be responsible.

7. “The greater society”

No marriage exists in isolation, there is a community surrounding you. Your marriage directly affects the society, don’t let it be yet another crashes to foolishness of infidelity. You will regret why you didn’t stay true to your spouse.

8. “The one you’re cheating with”

Affairs are exciting and thrilling as they are fueled by lust, until you two get caught, you two get bored with each other since lust cannot be sustained, one of you two chooses to do right then the pain will sink in. No one wins in an affair.

9. “Yourself”

Act all tough now, brag about how you are all grown and entitled to your fun, but when the ugly side of infidelity comes it will sting you. You will be disappointed in the person who’ve become.

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