First Kenyan AeroPress Championship to take place in Nairobi

Attention coffee lovers: Kenya will be participating in the World AeroPress Championship!

The World AeroPress Championships (WAC) have been going on for 10 years, and despite going international, the celebration of the AeroPress and the coffee brewing process to yield the smoothest, richest cup of coffee has remained a very grassroots event, and is uniquely organised in each country.

This year, there are more than 60 countries participating and over 90 events in total (including regional events), including Kenya’s inagural AeroPress Champsionship, held in Nairobi’s The Alchemist, on Sunday.

Event Details
Kenyan AeroPress Championship (KAC): 17 September 2017, 2pm-6pm, The Alchemist, Nairobi
World AeroPress Championship (WAC): 09 or 10 November 2017, Seoul, South Korea

The WAC’s organizing body asked former judge and coffee specialist, Stephen Vick, to help facilitate the first ever AeroPress competition in East Africa. Kenya is also one of the first coffee producing countries to become a part of the World competition.

Open to all baristas in East Africa, more than 20 competitors will be busy honing their coffee brewing skills this week ahead of Sunday’s country final.

The winner of the inaugural Kenyan AeroPress Championship will represent Kenya in the World Championships in Seoul, Korea in early November.

Support Your Favourite Barista

In addition to the competition on Sunday, there will be a small, artisan coffee fair featuring products from various local coffee roasters (cold brew, capsules, etc.), home brewing lessons, coffee cocktails, and coffee tastings featuring coffees from around the world.

Come this Sunday to witness the coffee brewing process that yields the smoothest, richest cup of coffee that you have ever tasted, and support the local coffee industry.

Check out last year’s WAC in Dublin in the video below: